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    Hey Everyone,

    I am currently relocating from Canada to Bakersfield.  Don’t have the sled here yet, probably early January I will bring it down.  Was hoping on meeting some people on the area to go riding with as I really don’t know anyone here yet.

    I ride a 2017 Pro RMK 800 LE 163.





    Hey Matt, welcome! I’m Justin, the site admin, and avid rider as well. Your best bet for riding out of the Bakersfield area would be Sherman Pass. It’s a hidden gem down here.

    We don’t have a club meeting scheduled yet, but when we do, it’ll be on the front page of the site. Hope to see you on the mountain!



    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for the info!  Looking forward to meeting some people to go riding with.  I should have my sled here by mid January.

    When does a lot of the riding open up here?




    Hi Justin,

    A storm is brewing on the mountain with the promise of fresh snow on sherman pass.  I hope your sled makes it down in time for this storm.  We have a relatively short riding season and when the snow flys you gotta go to the mountain.  Truly a late start this year, but it should be good from here on out to mid march maybe april if the storms line up.  The wife and I ride exclusively on the kern plateau, maybe we will c u up there.  Have a great season.





    oops got my names crossed, I meant to address that to Matt.  I’m sure Justin knows all the hot spots, LOL.



    Hey everyone.

    I am completely moved here. If anyone heads out and would like someone else to head out with them let me know!





    Hi Matt, my name is Paul. I’m heading up to Huntington Lake on Saturday along with a friend of mine from Los Angeles. You are more than welcome to tag along with us. Let me know.



    Hi Paul.

    Thanks for the invite. My parents are here for the weekend. Let me know though for future reference.


    Is it necessary to have the machine registered with the DMV prior to going riding?


    Haven’t had a chance to get to the DMV for any registration yet.





    Yes, you need to register with the DMV. It’s your green sticker fee. I wanna say it’s $52 for 2 years. Will keep you updated on any future trips. If you have any questions my number is 661-205-4282

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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