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    Anyone know if the road is open? I’m sure there are a lot of rocks in the road way if the plow contract was not finalized.


    Roy Allard

    The contract has been awarded and the road is being plowed. It’s currently open to the upper snow park. When I talked to Bob on Tuesday he said there was a foot at the snowpark at 8,000 feet. With the warm storm it’s unsure what has happened since. Let us know if you go up.




    Gates to Sherman Pass are open … Bob told me they are plowing the road since the 19th of DEC BUT went up there around XMAS and the road had lots of rocks

    NFS Bob told me yesterday there is no snow on the east side … to Kennedy Meadows and the gate is locked.

    Looked at cameras today … Greenhorn is completely washed out at 7000 feet. But satellite shows it is snowing there now at 7PM

    It is suppose to rain 2 plus inches Saturday and Sunday up to 10000 feet.

    Satellite shows 6 plus feet at Sherman Pass down to 2 feet at Blackrock and 3 feet at BONITA MEADOWS



    Drove to the 8,000 ft. level yesterday. Road is clear of rocks and snow. It was dark when I was there but it is not groomed yet but looks like 2 ft. of snow at the closure.



    Rode to Black Rock Station today. A few downed trees on the trail, but able to go around all of them. About 2 1/2 feet of snow at Black Rock. Total coverage on the straightaway north of the Woodpecker trail head. A nice sunny day. We made the first tracks on the trail. Trail still not groomed yet. A great day in all.



    Thanks for the report mountainsheriff, sounds like a great day of riding.



    Anyone riding Sherman pass 2/11,12,13,14? We will probably make it to Sherman on Sunday with lunch at the yurt. rest of the time will be exploring some of the ungroomed trails. Looking forward to some nice riding weather.


    Roy Allard

    Will you be riding in from the Kennedy Meadows side? We may ride Sunday as well.



    Yes, we will be crossing the south fork at about 11 today, destination Troy Meadow. Sunday we ride to Sherman. Maybe we will c u on the mtn.



    Sherman pass is the place to go for tons of snow and riding opportunities on our mountain. Trails were groomed, but the new snow filled them in. Lots of snow at the warming hut, more on the way. Will this be our bean feed?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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