Hume Lake

The Hume Lake District is in the Northern part of the Sequoia National Forest and is about a 3 hour drive from Bakersfield. It offers all types of riding from groomed roads to difficult deep powder trails. Riding elevations range from 5400′ at Hume Lake on up to 8500′ at Buck Rock. Most trails in the Big Meadow area are at approximately 8000′. Big Meadow, Quail Flat, and Montecito Sequoia Resort are on the Generals Highway to Sequoia National Park. There is also riding available from Highway 180 at Cherry Gap and from Hume Lake. All of the trailheads allow access into the entire system of snowmobile trails.

To get to Hume Lake/Big Meadow, take highway 99 north to 198 east and take the Plaza exit which is the first exit, and follow the signs to Dinuba. This is road 80. Continue north on Road 80 to Avenue 184. Turn right on Avenue 184 to Road 120. Turn left on Road 120 and continue north to highway 180. Turn right on highway 180 to the Kings Canyon Park entrance. Once inside the park, take the right to Sequoia National Park and follow the road to Quail Flat or travel another 5 miles to the turn off for Big Meadow.

Location of Hume Lake


2 miles beyond the Park entrance, turn right toward Sequoia National Park on the Generals Highway for the Quail Flat Trailhead, the largest of the trailheads. 5 miles east of Quail Flat is the turn-off for the Big Meadow Trailhead. Montecito Sequoia Resort is another 4 miles east beyond the turn-off for Big Meadow. During periods of heavy snowfall and shortly thereafter, the Generals Highway is closed until plowing operations are complete. Guests of Montecito Sequoia Resort are shuttled to and from the resort during this time. Contact the resort for details. Riding is still available from Highway 180. Travel past the turn-off for Sequoia National Park for approximately 5 miles to a small trailhead at Cherry Gap. You can ride at Park Ridge or use the difficult Huckleberry trail to ride toward Quail Flat. If this does not suit your taste, travel past Cherry Gap and take the turn off to Hume Lake. You can park there and ride up 10 miles road or take the Aspen Hollow trail to Quail Flat.

Trail Map