Sugarloaf and Greenhorn Bean Feed has been Canceled

Well, this is incredible, but we will have to CANCEL the Bean Feed tomorrow 2/11/17 for a totally different reason than usual!  Too much weather!  Looks like it will be snowing all day, which wouldn’t be all that much fun, soooooo, we will keep you apprised of a new date and time and let’s keep hoping for MORE SNOW!  What a year!
Stay safe everyone, flooding a concern throughout most of our mountain range, remember DON’T SNOWMOBILE ALONE and remember the rules of the trail.

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Merry Christmas

Winter is upon us and with the last few storms, we finally have some decent snow in our California mountains. I hope to see you all up on the mountain soon; until then have a very merry Christmas, and a safe and happy new year!

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