Sugarloaf and Greenhorn Bean Feed has been Canceled

Well, this is incredible, but we will have to CANCEL the Bean Feed tomorrow 2/11/17 for a totally different reason than usual!  Too much weather!  Looks like it will be snowing all day, which wouldn’t be all that much fun, soooooo, we will keep you apprised of a new date and time and let’s keep hoping for MORE SNOW!  What a year!
Stay safe everyone, flooding a concern throughout most of our mountain range, remember DON’T SNOWMOBILE ALONE and remember the rules of the trail.

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Sugarloaf and Greenhorn Bean Feed

We are DOING IT! We’ve put it off for too many years, let’s make it happen!

When: Saturday, February 11, 2017
Where: Sugarloaf Side, Dunlap Saddle (past the yurt – we were trying for Dry Meadow, but there’s a hazard in the meadow)
Time: 1 pm
Bring: $5 per person and whatever you like to drink (we’ll just have water and maybe hot chocolate) and your smiling face 🙂

We’ll give you some hot grub and good company.

Questions? Call Fred at 805-1393

See you there!

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Club Meeting January 4, 2017

Our first club meeting of the year will be held at Tony’s Pizza on Coffee Road at 6pm.  There isn’t a lot on the agenda, but come by to say hi and catch up with everyone, as well as pay your dues.  We hope to see everyone there!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Tony’s Pizza
4750 Coffee Rd #101
Bakersfield, CA  93308

Call to Action for Grooming our Local Mountains

After speaking with National Forest Service Bob Frenes, he told us the Sequoia National Forest is the only one not grooming in California. He’s been doing his best removing trees but has limited access without the groomer.

Per Bob we need to light a fire under Porterville National Forest Service.

Please make a telephone call and let them know how displeased you are with a banner year of snow and no grooming. Let them know that our OHV funds need to be used to start grooming and trail safety is a major issue without grooming. Let them know the forest is a land of many uses and without grooming our recreation is being impeded. Make the call personal with any other thing you think would help.

The two folks in the Porterville are:
Karen Miller – Recreation Officer
Kevin Elliot – Forest Supervisor

Please persist until you get through to Karen or Kevin. Bob mentioned Karen is very accessible by calling the above number. Kevin not so much, but demand to speak to one of them.

Member Don Brown is taking another route and he will update us soon.

Thanks for your time and lets get our trails GROOMED!!

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Merry Christmas

Winter is upon us and with the last few storms, we finally have some decent snow in our California mountains. I hope to see you all up on the mountain soon; until then have a very merry Christmas, and a safe and happy new year!